BUGATTI........ Vilken härlig kille! Klipper in texten från de som känner honom best.

Our handsome Saluki boy Bugatti,has come so far in the last couple of weeks at Heathlawn.....

Bugatti came to us as one very scared,nervous spooky boy,for no other reason than that is just the way he is...and as a previous “hunting dog”,he would never have had the chance to express himself,in the ways,a pet dog would.

But we at Heathlawn have given him that chance.....A chance to build up trust .... A chance to learn to accept love and a chance to play and run,for no other reason than for the pure fun of it ....

And the change has and continues to happen within Bugatti.

He may always carry some of his Saluki Spookiness on his journey through life but at least he now knows how o trust,connect,love and play......

bugatti 8 2019 (2)

bugtti 5

bugtti 3 2019

Bugatti 4